Search Firm Selection and Management

If your company needs to conduct an external search to fill a senior level position, how do you know you are selecting the best firm for the assignment and establishing terms that are mutually favorable to you and the search firm?

While the selection of a search firm may seem quite straight-forward, there have been significant changes within the retainer firms which could impact their ability to service your search needs.  Although you may have a preferred group of firms that have supported your senior leadership recruiting needs, you may want to conduct a review of these firms to confirm they are still able to have the access to the talent you want to consider for your needs.  

  • Do they have client relationships that conflict with their ability to recruit talent in target companies you would like to pursue?
  • Are they willing to be creative with their fee structure and terms in lieu of the traditional retainer agreements?
  • What is their ability and performance with regard to accessing and presenting a diverse slate of candidates to clients?
  • Do you have a process to evaluate and select firms for specific searches that are unique to your company, industry or geographic market?

Through its OERS Search Firm Selection and Management solution, Executive Search Advisory Partners works with the business and HR leaders to ensure they are selecting and deploying the right search firms for their businesses.