Executive Search Advisory Partners works with clients to develop and implement internal senior level recruiting programs, processes and capability, customized to the client’s unique business and leadership needs.

SCALE  or  Search Capability Aligned with Leaders’ Expectations is a proven business process improvement methodology that provides an end-to-end roadmap to develop the processes, identify resources and develop documentation that will enable a client to execute searches faster at a lower cost and higher quality.  Executive Search Advisory Partners works with clients to develop the appropriate stakeholder alignment and commitment for a new senior level recruiting function, develop metrics to measure the ROI for the function, as well as train resources to manage the recruiting function once it is in place.

SCALE was developed based on Executive Search Advisory Partners successful experience building and managing internal executive recruiting organizations for global Fortune 200 companies in multiple industries.

Executive Search Advisory Partner’s proprietary five-step methodology provides clients the ability to Assess, Plan, Develop, Implement and Review an internal executive recruiting process tailored to their needs and expectations.

SCALE Five Step Methodology

To achieve the greatest value of the end-to-end business process improvement, SCALE is typically delivered on a project retainer basis and each phase is completed through a series of meetings and work sessions with business and HR leaders within the client’s organization.  We begin with gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, expectations and current capability and create an assessment report to ensure there is alignment for building an internal function, as well as what is expected of the senior leadership team.  A detailed and thorough project plan is created, including engaging the appropriate stakeholders and developing a process map that meets the clients’ needs.

The final stage represents a review of the processes after testing the concept to ensure the “search capability is aligned with leaders’ expectations.”

As a business process improvement methodology, clients will have a better understanding and appreciation for the recruitment of senior leaders as well as have the systems, tools and resources to execute searches.