Recruiting Process Mapping and Improvements

Companies considered best in class with regard to their ability to attract, select, recruit and retain senior leadership talent have:

  • Created processes, systems and tools to manage the talent acquisition and senior leadership recruiting efficiently and effectively
  • Stakeholders who understand their roles and responsibilities in the recruiting process
  • Reduced their risk exposure that could adversely impact their financial and operational performance
  • Created and implemented repeatable recruiting processes as well as established lines of stakeholder accountability for actions and results

Many companies have created process maps and recruiting metrics, as well as implemented systems to manage the high volume recruiting among their professional and non-exempt workforce.  The recruitment processes to fill senior level positions are usually more complex and require a higher level of personal touch by hiring executives, HR leaders and recruiters inside the company.  Regardless if a company is conducting 1-2 searches a month or 10 or more searches concurrently, Executive Search Advisory Partners OERS Recruiting Process Mapping and Improvement solution will speed the execution of the search as well as reduce the risk of failing to get important information from candidates or completing an important recruiting step.

Executive Search Advisory Partners works with the business and HR leaders to develop customized, simple processes, as well as improve existing processes in the recruitment, assessment, offer and search close phases. Process mapping normally includes:

  • Ensuring position specifications are comprehensive to market your company, the position and differentiate you in the market
  • Creating RACI diagrams to identify which stakeholders are “responsible”, “accountable”, should be “ consulted” and “informed” about recruitment actions and activities throughout the phases of the recruitment process
  • Developing common templates, documents, and “how to” reference guides to reduce the time to complete a search, avoid redundant work and improve the recruiting process and experience of all parties involved in a search.
  • Ensuring searches are executed effectively from the Search Strategy and Planning phase through Onboarding of the new executive.

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