Onboarding of a senior leader should not begin at the time an executive is promoted into a new role internally or the first day of work for a newly hired executive.  Onboarding should begin when the position specification for an open position is being developed. Although it may be considered one of the final steps in the recruitment process, it is essential to

  1. Have alignment on what is expected of the new executive in the first 90 days of his/her assignment in the role,
  2. Ensure all stakeholders, who were involved in the selection process, understand how they can assist with a smooth transition, as well as…
  3. Identify organizational factors that may interfere with the new executive’s ability to be productive and successful in the role.

Poor or insufficient support to the Onboarding process is major driver for executive failure and turnover within the first 18 months of an executive’s appointment to a new role, which can be a significant financial and reputational cost to a company.

Does your company have a comprehensive Onboarding program and process which addresses the following?

  • Are you trying to change cultural and organizational behaviors through the appointment of a new executive to an open role?  Does the entire leadership team understand why these changes are necessary and do they embrace the desired changes?  A successful Onboarding process includes having a shared vision for what is expected of the new executive before he/she starts in the role.
  • Are there organizational issues within the organization the new executive will be managing that may “sabotage” the new executive’s ability to be successful? How are these issues going to be resolved?
  • Does everyone involved with the new executive’s Onboarding understand their respective roles and responsibilities to ensure a successful on-boarding program is implemented?
  • What type of support and access to people and tools will the new executive have within the company during his/her first 90 days in the assignment?
  • What role should the search consultant who placed the executive in your company have in the Onboarding process?
  • Does your company have the proper internal resources to manage the Onboarding of senior leaders?

Executive Search Advisory Partners works with the business and HR leaders to develop executive assimilation strategies and plans for new external hired executives as well as those promoted internally.