Executive Assessment

The accurate assessment of a candidate’s experience, leadership style and fit within your organization is the most important part of the leadership recruitment process. A poor talent selection can have significant adverse impact your organization’s performance, brand, missed growth and market potential as well as loss of other valuable leadership resources.

While most executives may feel they are good assessors of talent, many often wonder…

  • How do they know they are recruiting the “best” leadership talent?
  • Are we evaluating talent on the right leadership factors?
  • How executive assessment can be aligned with future development and performance management discussions after the new executive is promoted or hired into a role?
  • How can they improve the internal selection and assessment process and decisions of their leadership team?
  • How they should integrate the use of external search and assessment firms into their own selection and decision processes?
  • Why do some new leaders fail or derail in their company after they were hired?

Executive Search Advisory Partners works with the business and HR leaders to develop the assessment tools and processes to improve executive assessment, selection, performance and retention. The OERS assessment tools and services improve your ability to assess and select the best and right leadership talent for key positions.