The ability to attract, recruit and retain senior leadership talent is one of the most important responsibilities business heads and functional leaders have within their respective companies. However, most hiring executives and many HR leaders lack the time and experience necessary to manage successful searches.

How satisfied are you with your company’s ability to:

  • Successfully complete executive searches?
  • Select and engage the right search firms?
  • Develop position specifications that adequately describe the role and sell the opportunity to prospective candidates?
  • Apply a practical, repeatable and sustainable recruiting / business process management to improve the speed and quality of search performance and reduce recruiting costs?
  • Link the recruitment of external talent with internal succession and candidate selection?
  • Identify, assess and recruit leadership talent who fit your culture, business strategy and leadership competencies?
  • On-board and retain new executives after they are hired?
  • Know you are seeing the best candidates and attracting a diverse candidate pool?

  • Executive Search Advisory Partners is uniquely qualified to support clients’ senior level internal search needs and capability. Jim Mueller, the firm’s Founder and Managing Partner, has successfully developed and managed internal executive search practices in some of the world’s most respected companies. He has personally managed in excess of 500 search assignments in virtually every function of companies across multiple industries. Search assignments ranged from director and VP level positions to CEO, COO, CFO and other C-suite roles in mid-size to large global corporations.

    If you need to build or improve your company’s internal search capability, you will need a search professional who knows how to develop and implement the right processes, possesses strong client and candidate relationship skills, is an excellent assessor of talent, can quickly identify a client’s unique qualities and culture, execute multiple searches concurrently and of course deliver results.

    We invite you to learn more about building internal executive search capability through our SCALE and OERS platforms.